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Health Craft has distinguished itself by earning the American Express Award for Dedication to Excellence in Customer Service.

Health Craft cookware is recommended by name by leading cookbook authors:

“Be My Guest” by Chef Tell & Charles Knight 
“Low Fat Cooking for Good Health” by Gloria Rose 
“Creative Vegetarian Cooking” by Vicki Rae Chelf 
“The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Shea Mac Kenzie
“The Better Health Cookbook” by Charles & LeAnn Knight
“Healthy Meat and Potatoes” by Chef David Knight


49 cookbooks and authors recommended our method of waterless cooking. Here’s a few:
Healthy Home-style Cookingby Evelyn Tribole
“Heaven’s Banquet”
by Miriam Hospodar 
“Macrobiotic Cooking” by Wendy Esko 
“Philosophy for Achieving a Radiant Mind and a Fabulous Body” by Jessica Porter 
“Changing Seasons Macrobiotic Cookbook”
by Aveline Kushi and Wendy Esko 
The Macrobiotic Community Cookbook by Andrea Bliss Lerman 
Mrs. Rasmussen's Book of One-Arm Cookery by Mary Lasswell 
Good Food Book: Living the High Carbohydrate Way” by Jane Brody 
Back To Eden Cookbook by Jethro Kloss Family 
Cafe Chimes Cookbook
by Kathker J. Etter 
Foods That Heal by Bernard Jensen 


Customer Testimonials:


Health Craft Lives up to ALL Promises
I was just fixing dinner in my Health Craft cookware and realized I have had it for 10 years!  It looks as good as the day I purchased it, and is still the best cookware I have ever owned. There were some folks who scoffed when they heard how much we paid for the set when we purchased it, however they are the same folks who have had to buy their cookware over and over. There may have been other purchases I have made that I have regretted, but never the Health Craft. Your company and its products have lived up to all the promises that were made at the demonstration 10 years ago in Reno, Nevada.        

Cheryl Rich, Olympia, WA


Pleased to own Health Craft
Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am to own Health Craft… I bought my (only) set twelve years ago from Steve desIslets in Waterford, CT right after I was married and have NEVER bought cookware again.  My 8 kids have never tasted aluminum, Teflon, or any other trace metal found in the junk sold in stores. I FINALLY broke a couple of the handles and the lid knobs but only after excessive force and years of use.  My girls don’t know how to cook with anything other than Health Craft so you can count on at least four more sells when they leave home!

Ken Denham, Kingsland, GA


In Love with Health Craft
I am absolutely in love with your products. It’s a rare thing when products live up to all their hype, but these do. I am encouraging a friend of mine to purchase his own set as well. My Fiancé and I have recently purchased the skillets (set #4) and a set of knives to round out our existing collection (set 1-3). Michael White, Madison, WI 

Enjoying Health Craft Cookware
This is just a brief letter to let you know how much we are enjoying the Health Craft pots and pans. Our family enjoys the quality and taste of the food in our new cookware. I made a sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving and it was the best ever made.                                                 The Nabozny Family, Syracuse, NY


Loves Health Craft’s Customer Service
We purchased the #1, 2 & 3 Sets in 1994. We wondered about spending so much money for cookware. We have not been disappointed in the quality of your product. The service has been great. We just want you to know how much we appreciate the cookware and the service.          Mrs. Gordon Bartholomew, Winter Garden, FL


Health Craft Saves Home from Burning Down
I purchased Health Craft #1, 2 & 3 sets in October 1983. I love using them, so in April 1995 I purchased sets 4 and 5.

This isn’t something I enjoy admitting, but it needs to be told.  One morning as I started to make hard-boiled eggs, the phone rang.  I spoke briefly with my neighbor, then went upstairs to dress – and left for work.  I completely forgot about the eggs (still on high heat)

My daughter called me at work at about 4:30.  She proceeded to tell me the lid was still on, the eggs had exploded inside, and my Health Craft saucepan was super red-hot and a bit charred.  She assured me that despite smoke, the house was OK.

Talk about quality!  No other brand would have stood such intense heat – for so many hours – without melting and/or burning down a home.  Thanks to the fantastic Health Craft quality, I still have a home.

Marie Rademacher, Omaha, NE


Children Learn to Cook with Health Craft
We bought a full set of your wonderful cookware in 1985.  They have survived raising 8 children all of whom learned to cook using our cookware.                                                                R G Armantrout, Poplarville, MS


Health Craft Cookware is the Talk of the Neighborhood
I am so glad that my husband made the decision to purchase the cookware from Health Craft.  I have enjoyed cooking on them tremendously because not only are they attractive looking but I can cook waterless and greaseless.  They’ve made it easy for me to cook healthy for my family.  This cookware is the talk of our neighborhood.  Thanks for demonstrating it for me at the show.  It had a positive effect on our family.    

 Maria Lopez, Langley, VA

Health Craft Looks as Good as it cooks

I would like to let you know how much my family and I have enjoyed our Health Craft cookware.  It’s true you can cook without water, after you learn how to adjust the temperature.  I enjoy having all my pots matching on top of my stove, for the first time in many years.  Health Craft cookware not only cooks good.  It looks good too!

Barbara Childers, Huntersville, NC


Grandma Watches Children Grow Healthy with Health Craft
My interest in Health Craft Cookware goes back to 1985.  After watching Mr. Knight for several demonstrations at the Florida State Fair.  I liked what I saw, tasted the food and purchased my first set.

The next year I went back to the Fair and headed straight for Health Craft to watch the enthusiastic Mr. Knight demonstrate his cookware.  I made a decision right then to have my children start cooking with this healthy method. I bought three more sets, one for each of my children and their families. I have had the pleasure of watching our four grandchildren grow up on this healthful method of meal preparation.

Doris Clapper, Meyersdale, PA


Can’t Wait to Get the Health Craft Total Kitchen
I am writing to tell you all the wonderful things I like about my cookware.  I love the waterless, greaseless cooking for the health benefits. It cleans up great even if the pans have sat overnight.  I can’t wait to get my entire Total Kitchen.  We have it on layaway, and my husband and I get excited every time we get another set.

Pam Clegg, Oren, Utah


Easy Payment Plan makes Health Craft easy to Own
Like other people your sales counselors speak about, for several years my husband and I went to your shows, wanted Health Craft, but always felt we couldn’t afford it.  Finally, in 1994 we signed up for your easy payment plan, and finally got the cookware we had wanted all those years.  We purchased the #1, 2 & 3 Sets and have been using it ever since.  It is truly everything you say it is. The food tastes fantastic and I can’t get over how easy it is to clean.  I would like to commend you for the production of such an excellent product.

Sherril & Ed Lingano, Earl, NC


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